After three incredible months of staying in our beloved bungalow we had to move on and find a new home. We had planned to leave anyway but the nice lady who rented the bungalow to us actually moved it off site right after we left, so weirdly enough we were the last people to ever stay there! Due to the high rental prices in Andalusia in summer we had to look for cheaper options and found a nice apartment in a small village in the North of Portugal. Still used to the warmth of Andalusia we were shocked by the rough and cold weather in Portugal. Wind, clouds, rain and an average temperature of around 20 degrees celsius welcomed us. Imagine having a beer on the beach in a t-shirt at night one day and then wearing a fully fleeced-out Jack Wolfskin jacket the next night in Portugal. It took a while to get used to these conditions, however, we still managed to have fun in Cortegaca. From time to time the waves would be really good and allowed for some great surfing sessions. There were not many people in the water and the ones who were out there were exceptionally friendly. In general, we found Portuguese people to be the friendliest we’ve ever met in all of Europe. Also, Porto turned out to be an absolutely amazing city with lots of cool neighborhoods and options for going out. However, this wasn’t enough to counterbalance the rough weather and the limited cuisine (yup, we’re not fans, sorry!). 

It was cool to stay in Portugal and get to know another culture, but all in all we were happy to move on to the North of Spain in August.

Look at us wearing jackets in July…

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