El Palmar

In order to finish his degree in Computer Science, Emil had to complete an internship in the same field for at least 3 months. Since his university allowed to do this either in Austria or abroad, Emil took this opportunity and organized a remote 6 month internship in Spain. This gave him the freedom to leave his home and hit the road. In February 2021 Emil drove all the way down from Vienna to the South of Spain with a close school friend and his “new” RV Gustavo, a Fiat from the 1980s. Since Louis’ classes at University were all online he joined the two in March 2021. Through a local real estate website we managed to rent a tiny, sweet bungalow close to the beach in a small town called El Palmar. In fact, El Palmar is an informal settlement and most houses are actually mobile and not connected to the electricity net and sewerage. Our bungalow was one of these mobile houses, counting 30 square meters in total and powered by large solar panels on the roof. El Palmar also happens to be a surfer paradise, a reason that led to our decision to move there. The three months of our stay were some of the best times of our lives; enjoying the warmth and sunshine combined with surfing, hustling for work/university and mixing for peach tinted was all we did. And we miss every bit of it. 

The best part of our stay down there was the time we didn’t have Gustavo because he was getting fixed somewhere in Sevilla after breaking down there (engine failure). All we had were our two ancient bikes that we used to run all of our errands. To get our clothes washed we would have to cycle to a laundromat eleven kilometers from our bungalow, with all of our threads in backpacks and additional bags. We’d pick up a nice treat from our favorite grocery store (MERCADONA) on the way back every time though, something like fresh salmon, crunch muesli, fuet, jamon iberico or our favorite wine coto imaz.

La playa de Palmar. Our friend Alex came to visit.

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