In September of 2019 Louis started his master’s degree in Paris and we did not have the opportunity to work together in the studio anymore. Therefore, we organized a trip in winter 2019/20 to Almeria in the Spanish region of Andalusia. Over there it’s warm and sunny even in winter, something impossible for Vienna or Paris. We stayed there for a total of 2 weeks before moving on to an even smaller town called La Herradura. We absolutely fell in love with Almeria, a wonderful mid-sized town at the coast, full of friendly people, affordable cuisine and great nightlife. During this time we worked intensely on EP1 (“Cinematic Youth”) and EP2 (“Peach Tinted”) – Yes, EP2 was already written back then, 16 months before its release. EP1 was inspired by the time before the trip, full of melancholy and dark feelings, while EP2 was more of a result of the fun trip. Again, our equipment was very minimalistic on this trip, a 150$ guitar, an interface, a few cheap pedals and a Roland Cube were all we brought (however, that was enough to record the lead melody of Roller Coaster!)

La Herradura is a summer vacation hot spot on the Mediterranean coast that was almost completely empty when we went there in winter. The lines are getting a bit blurry because of the pandemic leaving places empty as well, but I’m pretty sure there was no pandemic back then.

Also, Europe’s only desert is located just behind Almeria. We went there to take some pics but didn’t actually end up finding the spot lol. We got some shots on a random hill close by though. Here’s not one of them:

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