Hi! We’re peach tinted. Our names are Louis and Emil. We’re gonna make this more personal soon but for now, here’s our bio 🙂

peach tinted is an Austrian indie duo formed in 2019 by long-time school friends Emil Paiker and Louis Springer. The pair began by releasing dreamy instrumental lofi hip-hop beats, independently recorded and produced in their basement studio in Vienna. The recent pandemic allowed them to take a leap and release their first indie EP titled “Cinematic Youth”, with Paiker on the vocals and Springer on the guitar. The EP, a collection of 4 songs, playfully blends layered shoegaze guitars with pumping ‘80s-era dance beats and dreamy vocals to create feelings of nostalgia and euphoria. The track “The Unknown” gained sudden popularity after the video artist “I’m Cyborg but that’s ok” posted it on Youtube.

In May 2021, they released their second EP, the self-titled project “peach tinted”, consisting of four new songs “Not Alone”, “Roller Coaster”, “Dazed” and “Peach Tinted”. The EP represents the collective’s shift towards a more lush and minimalistic indie sound while sticking to their typical upbeat rhythms. Paiker’s use of falsetto singing, multiple layers of dreamy guitars, extensive use of vintage effects, four-to-the-floor drum-machine patterns and nostalgic melodies are the pillars of their signature production style. While their previous EP centered around darker topics such as self-doubt, heartbreak and outsiderness, the new record is characterized by rather positive, enthusiastic themes. For instance, “Roller Coaster” describes the craving for change and breaking out of a routinized lifestyle. The catchy chorus “Won’t you take me for a ride on your rollercoaster, up – side – down ‘till we fall out, losing control now, baby” will be stuck in your mind immediately, making your head bounce.They wrote, recorded and produced all songs independently, either in their DIY studio or on the road in their RV.

With 115’000 monthly Spotify listeners and more than 5 million streams the two have become a rising newcomer on the international indie landscape and are expected to play their first shows in Summer 2022